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About Techex

About Techex

Techex designs, builds and supports video over IP solutions for the broadcast and enterprise markets. Since its founding in 1972 Techex has built a global manufacturer and integrator partner network. Techex is an industry-leading supplier of IP video solutions with operations in the U.K., Spain, USA, Hong Kong, and South America.

Techex’s focused IP video competence specialises in value-added distribution, platform design, system integration, project management, support, and consultancy. Techex works with the world’s leading broadcast, telco, medical, corporate, and military organisations.

Our expertise in the creation, management, and delivery of digital media, key solutions include:

  • Video Encoding & IP Streaming
  • Video Contribution
  • Enterprise IPTV
  • Broadcast Video

Core to Techex’s ethos is a view of all business relationships as partnerships. Techex sees manufacturers, integrators, resellers, consultants and ultimately the organisation commissioning the platform as partners. It is through the successful collaboration of all parties that the most elegant solutions are designed, the best support is provided and the highest user satisfaction is achieved.

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Farm: Finca La Escondida.
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Where have you bean?

The straight translation from Spanish to English of 'escondida' is ‘hidden’. The farm is named because it is "hidden" from the road by forest and trees, which makes it appear to blend right into the side of the mountain.

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