• Part#: edje4000
  • Manufacturer: Adtec
Real-time streaming MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC) encoder.


  • Real Time high quality AVC Video Encoding
  • Composite and SDI video input
  • AAC- low complexity (ACC-LC) audio
  • Boot time and transport egress of less than 5-seconds
  • Encapsulated UDP and RTP streaming
  • RS422/232 User-selectable serial communications
  • Balanced or unbalanced stereo audio


Boot time and transport egress of less than 5-seconds, the edje4000 is a real-time streaming MPEG 4 Part 10 (AVC) encoder featuring Composite and optional SDI inputs, that are routed through a time base correcting video pre-processing block that removes spatial noise, temporal (motion) noise and generally improves encoding efficiency.

With a small form factor and powered using a 12VDC supply consuming less than 24watts, 10/100 Ethernet, RS422/232 comms port and optional ASI output making it useful across markets including Satellite and Cable distribution, Telco and Broadband TV, high quality security, surveillance and Mobile applications.

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