QAM Modulator with VHF & UHF Up-converter, supports DVB-C Annex A,B,C.


  • PCI 2.2, 32 bit, 33/66MHz 3.3V.
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 ( 64bit ) Drivers, SDK and Linux Drivers
  • Supports DVB According to Standard A1010 Rev1 and EN50083
  • Modulation of Transport Stream files from Harddisk
  • Modulation of Transport Stream from from an external source via ASI or SPI inputs.
  • Supports Burst or continuous modes, 188 and 204 packet sizes.
  • DVB-ASI & DVB-SPI input
  • RF, IF & DVB-ASI Output


Designed with OEMs, Digital Video Professionals and Sophisticated End Users in mind the AT2700PCI is an ideal solution for a number of applications such as:

A development Tool for DVB-C Receiver R&D, DVB-C Transport Stream Generation, Stand alone QAM-A,B,C signal generator for Test & Validation, a source device for demonstration and Trade Shows or DVB-C output for OEM product.

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