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Epiphan launches AV.io 4K – the simplest way to capture 4K video

Epiphan Video, a leader in professional audiovisual capture, recording, and streaming products, unveiled today the latest product in their AV.io line of video grabbers. AV.io 4K is a new portable capture card that lets audiovisual professionals capture video./p>

Use AV.io 4K to capture 4K in perfect fidelity. It doesn’t need any special drivers installed on your computer – plug it in to your USB port and start using it right away. Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems automatically detect the video grabber, ensuring compatibility with your favourite software, including Skype, Wirecast and QuickTime.

AV.io 4K captures 4K video up to 4096×2160 with the ability to either pass the signal through to your computer or scale it down to meet the needs of your application. If you require a 4K output but your source is only at 1080p, that’s no problem, AV.io 4K will upscale to a 4K output. In addition, like other products from Epiphan Video, AV.io 4K captures uncompressed Full HD video (1080p) at 60 frames per second. Regardless of the resolution, AV.io 4K is able to capture video with near-zero latency and ultra-high fidelity. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet sturdy in its all-aluminium casing, AV.io 4K is the perfect companion for capturing from your digital video source.

“After releasing AV.io HD and AV.io SDI last year,” says David Kirk, VP of Product Management at Epiphan, “we saw incredible enthusiasm for this type of simple, effective, ‘just works’ technology. We wanted to provide that same experience at the cutting edge of 4K technology.”

Haivision Brings Secure Standards-Based Multicast To Enterprise Video Platform

Haivision, a market leader in enterprise video and streaming solutions, announces a secure, standards-based multicast option for its Enterprise Video Platform, Calypso. The new release allows organizations to benefit from their existing investment in a multicast network to scale the distribution of high profile internal live events, like all hands and town hall meetings, to thousands of employees within the LAN, without compromising quality, security or overwhelming their network.

As proprietary multicast technologies like Windows Media Server and Microsoft Silverlight reach their announced end-of-life, and mechanisms like Java fall out of favour with IT security professionals, organizations have, until now, lacked a standards-based approach that leverages their existing IP network infrastructure.

Haivision's Enterprise Video Platform now extends its unique end-to-end encryption from the encoder to the player with options for unicast or multicast distribution. This new release also adds support for single sign-on (SSO), ensuring the most secure and convenient distribution of confidential internal video communications, such as all hands and town hall meetings.

"Not only is Haivision is one of the most secure enterprise video platforms on the market, we're helping organizations truly reach every end-point," said Bruce "Zip" Zieper, vice president product management, enterprise media, at Haivision. "By delivering a secure, standards-based multicast solution, customers can extend the enterprise video experience beyond the browser and mobile devices to large-format digital signage players and set-top boxes in common spaces for group viewing throughout a LAN, reaching every employee throughout the company."

The Haivision Enterprise Video Platform makes it simple for organizations to stream end-to-end encrypted, high quality, live and on demand videos to employees in every office, on any device. With Haivision's hybrid cloud eCDN, organizations can distribute live and on-demand video to remote offices and mobile workforces. Due to the simplicity of Haivision's approach and the focus on industry standards, the Haivision Enterprise Video Platform can be commissioned within days. Haivision will showcase the latest version of its Enterprise Video Platform at InfoComm 2016. To learn more about the latest release, watch Haivision's webinar "How to Scale Live Video for the Enterprise."

Haivision Ranked as a Contender in the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video 2016

The Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video examines 16 providers across three evaluation dimensions, which consist of Strategy, Performance, and Global Reach. The report provides a guide as to how vendors are helping enterprises to not only manage all forms of video content, but are also enabling enterprises to support video capture and live video delivery.

Haivision offers customers a portfolio of enterprise video solutions, including the Enterprise Video Platform – Calypso – making it simple for organisations to stream end-to-end encrypted, high quality, live and on demand videos to employees in every office, on any device. Going beyond other enterprise offerings, Haivision's solution provides broadcast quality, enterprise-grade encryption and security with IT friendly deployment. According to the Aragon Research Globe, Haivision's strengths include its live streaming scalability, end-to-end security, flexible distribution options with on-premise, cloud and hybrid video solutions and cloud integrations with Microsoft Azure and AWS Marketplace.

"We're proud to be named a Hot Vendor and be well represented in the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Video," said Bruce "Zip" Zieper, vice president of product management at Haivision. "Important content like executive all hands and town hall meetings call for high quality, secure and great end user experiences, and that's where Haivision really shines. Our focus on delivering an easy-to-deploy platform that distributes broadcast-quality live video – encrypted from encode, across WAN/LAN and internet networks – right to the user's browser or device, has set us apart in the industry."

Haivision Showcases End-to-End Enterprise Video Experience at InfoComm 2016

Launching the company's Video at Work campaign, Haivision's demonstrations at InfoComm will explore how companies can get true value from video by reaching across any facility and office, to engage every employee on every desktop, mobile device and public display.

Haivision's enterprise video showcase will include:
  • Internal Live Streaming and On-Demand Video: Haivision's Enterprise Video Platform Calypso delivers secure, high quality live and on-demand video to every employee, in every office on any device. To simulate an enterprise live event, like an all hands or town hall meeting, all the live streams at the Haivision booth will be produced and mixed down with NewTek's TriCaster, the most complete and compact multimedia studio for high quality, multi-camera, live video production anywhere.
  • IPTV System: Haivision will demonstrate its complete IPTV ecosystem - Furnace - to deliver live broadcast video and media content to every desktop, monitor and digital signage player throughout an organisation.
  • Enterprise Digital Signage: Haivision will show how CoolSign, its enterprise-grade solution for managing and distributing data-driven digital signage content, has the ability to integrate live IP video and extend across any network and scale within a facility or across endpoints globally.
  • To learn more about Haivision, visit: Haivision

Appear TV Demonstrates Enhanced Video Streaming Portfolio at the 2016 NAB Show

Brings Major Functions of HTTP Streaming Workflow into One Package

The ABR product is an integrated software solution combining a video segmentation engine, high-performance storage, just-in-time packager, DRM engine and origin server as a suite of complementary elements. When running on a customer’s preferred server architecture the solution enables both operational capacity and redundancy provisioning to be re-defined simply by adding more hardware, either physically or via the cloud. The software supports a variety of different deployment architectures, including edge deployments without CDN support. Being encoding vendor agnostic, it also allows for seamless integration with third-party encoders.

Supporting leading file formats including HLS, Smooth Streaming, DASH and HDS it also integrates with leading DRM solutions. By offering on-the-fly packaging, the ABR Server reduces storage requirements while increasing flexibility, a critical factor in live streaming and on demand applications. The system supports internal and external storage options which are specifically engineered to maximisemaximize efficiency and easily integrate with other VOD elements using simple API's

The new VOD solution focuses on efficient, high quality transcoding of offline content into the multiscreen delivery chain. Capable of parallelizing for increased throughput, the system can deliver outputs encoded in H.264 and H.265. The workflow management greatly simplifies the encoding process and delivery into the ABR production system. Quality criteria are evaluated and defined before content is published. The tool performs immediate conversion of multiple video files, creating on-demand assets and mezzanine deliverables to TV, PC and mobile devices. Scaling is streamlined and can be done either on a local hardware or on virtual computers in the cloud.

The ABR Product is also tightly integrated with Appear TV’s real-time universal encoding and transcoding modules, to provide a particularly powerful end-to-end solution within a single unified solution. The universal compression module in multiscreen mode supports both encoding from the studio and transcoding of pre-compressed services to achieve the highest video quality that is also electrically, thermally and space efficient. When used with the ABR Server, the multiple profiles streaming from the Appear TV Processing Platform are synchronized, ensuring low latency and accurate network interfacing.

“The ABR product can be deployed as a single server solution, but its ability to scale is what truly shows its merits,” says Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “It is built from the ground up, allowing seamless scaling by adding servers brick-by-brick when needed. By leveraging concepts from high-performance computing, cloud computing and a micro-services approach, we have created a next-generation video server for the new TV age. In combination with our traditional modular approach, the ABR server gives operators the same user-friendly environment with which they are already familiar. We always strive to simplify and unify all aspects of a complex video delivery system. With our latest additions we feel this has been accomplished.”