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Spinnaker SD / 5000
Spinnaker SD / 5000
Live SD Encoding platform offering single channel SD-SDI & Analogue input, with multiple stream output for robust adaptive bitrate streaming.




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  • Single channel SD input with multiple IP stream output
  • Simultaneously Encode H264, Windows Media, Flash, 3GPP streams over IP
  • SCTE 35 pass-through, making automated ad insertion even easier
  • Full support for adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming
  • HTTP Live Streaming to iPhone and iPad
  • Support for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, including support for PlayReady DRM
  • Support for Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming, with built-in CDN authentication

The Spinnaker SD / 5000 has single channel SD input and multiple stream out capability, supporting SD-SDI and analogue input, at PAL & NTSC resolutions in a single 1RU form factor. The Spinnaker SD and its easy to use interface, turns SD video sources into multiple Internet-ready streams

Spinnaker’s robust, reliable platform can stream in multiple formats to any device, including iPhone, iPad, feature phones and smart phones. Spinnaker offer full support for adaptive bitrate streaming, including Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming. Spinnaker is also able to detect broadcast cue messages and translate critical ad metadata into ad markers appropriate for the Flash and Silverlight platforms as well as iOS devices.

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