Qumu digital signage

  • Part#: Qumu-digital-signage
  • Manufacturer: Qumu
Qumu digital signage
Qumu Digital Signage includes everything needed to get a dynamic, broadcast-quality Digital Signage network up and running quickly. With Qumu, implementing an end-to-end digital signage solution has never been easier – your content can be published faster than any other signage system.


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Consistent organisational/corporate messaging
  • Immediate delivery of customized messages (events, visitors, emergencies)
  • Communicate with employees everywhere
  • Real-time “Broadcast quality”
  • Open platform, scalable, reliable
  • Does not require always-on network connection
  • Leverage live broadcasts for Town Hall meetings
  • Centralized Microsoft Office compatible control


Unlike simple playback devices, Qumu Digital Signage Players feature a powerful rendering engine that delivers the highest-quality output.

Control Screens allow users to update and monitor content on any Player. Users can update text for crawling tickers, presentations, video files, and more.

Templates include links to real-time data feeds, presentations, video files and other sources of content (weather, news, entertainment, stock tickers).

Qumu Digital Signage allows organizations to stream webcasts across the network, both live and VoD, originating from the Qumu Video Control Center.

Innovative media store-and-forward architecture scale to the largest deployments without requiring an ‘always-tethered network connection’ providing the highest levels of reliability, availability, scale, and signage quality.

Media architecture reliably positions content to Players that render it real-time and broadcast-quality. Content can be edited locally or centrally through the web interface. Does not require the cost and expense of “TV Broadcast encoders” which consume network bandwidth on a 24x7 basis.

Signage content playlists can include Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word files. Eliminates need for broadcast re-encoding resources.

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