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Association of College's annual conference

Computer teaching equipment will be taken to a national conference by experts from Doncaster College next month. Staff from the college's Digital Knowledge Exchange will be showcasing technology which it is using to revolutionise the way learners can be taught, using three dimensional cinema screen effects.

College staff will be demonstrating how it works.

The college is a main sponsor of the Association of College's annual conference, which takes place at the International Convention Centre, in Birmingham, from November 18 until November 20. It is the main event for all colleges in the country and will be attended by senior staff from colleges as well as other senior and political figures from the world of education.

A college spokesman said latest research showed that by using the technology it was demonstrating, learning and retention were improved and it took less time to explain complex ideas.

Gill Harrop, of the Digital Knowledge Exchange, said: "We are leading on this technology with our strategic development partner Design Academy. Other educational and industry partners participating at this event include IBM, Techex, NavTech, The International Association of Advanced Visualisation Centres, and Digital World's Institute at the University of Florida."

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