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The VB12 is a portable broadcast monitoring and measurement platform. It supports optical, electrical GigE Ethernet and RF inputs, separate management port and both ASI input and output.




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  • 1x 10/100/1000T Ethernet management port
  • 1x ASI Input and 1x ASI output port
  • Concurrent analysis of 10 services and round robin
  • Built-in USB to RS232 converter
  • Monitors Transport Stream into IP according to ETSI TS 102 034
  • Supports X-bit RTP header extension as used by Microsoft IPTV system MediaRoom
  • Full table and descriptor parsing of PSI/SI for visual inspection
  • MDI measurements (RFC4445)
  • Line speed ASI measurements
  • NTP client functionality (RFC2030)
  • DHCP client support (RFC2131)
  • RTP dropped, duplicate and out of-order measurements
  • RDP of IP multicast monitored
  • RDPTM of ASI input (MPTS or SPTS)
  • Fully compliant with ETS 300 249
  • ITU.T J.83 (Annex A/B/C)
  • QAM modes: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
  • Constellation Diagram
  • Wide symbol rate range of 0.87 to 7.0 Mbaud
  • Selectable IF filter (6/8 MHz)
  • SNR (Signal-to-noise ratio)
  • Pre-FEC and Post-FEC BER
  • MER (Modulation Error Ratio)
  • Input signal level
  • Frequency offset
  • AGC Lock / Carrier lock indication

The VB12-RF covers all the monitoring needs encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks. The unit is particularly suited for use in FTTH IP multicast scenarios or at regional points of presence in cable architectures where IP and QAM is encountered. The VB12-RF has further use in ATSC terrestrial networks where 8VSB is used as modulation method.

Designed for the rigors of real-world use, the VB12-RF is smaller and lighter than any comparable monitoring/troubleshooting solution. The VB12-RF can monitor 10 IP SPTS/MPTS services simultaneously and can be optionally expanded to support a maximum of 50 services.

Providing the field engineer with all of the interfaces needed for broadcast or IP analysis at any location in the transmission chain of both cable and terrestrial broadcast operations, the VB12-RF requires no external equipment or power supply and is able to withstand harsh operating conditions.

The VB12-RF is also capable of extracting thumbnails from any of the input streams. It is possible to make a recording of a service, or it can be forwarded to a remote destination via the Ethernet data or management port for further content analysis. Innovative functionality makes it possible to directly compare signals across different probe interfaces.

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