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    Nevion specialises in providing Intelligent Video Transport Solutions of live broadcast signals. T-VIPS products are designed and used for applications such as broadcast contribution, studio-to-studio media exchange, primary distribution from TV play-out to transmitter, in-house signal distribution and routing, post-production, sports and other live event coverage, regional adaptation of transport streams, DTT adaptation systems and general video transport.
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    Videon has been in the digital video business for over twenty years and with that comes a lot of exposure to a lot of different technology. I recently got back from a major industry trade show (NAB - National Association of Broadcasters) and I wanted to share with you my observations and thoughts regarding technology and market trends associated with the ongoing evolution of digital video solutions. To start this, let's first think about the revolution and evolution of digital video by rolling back the clocks to the start of time in the world of digital video.
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