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In-Band Commander CMD 4000
System to remotly control Sencore receiver/decoders in the field.


  • Command triggering via easy-to-use web interface
  • Upstream NMS control via SNMP or web services API
  • Full downstream control of fielded receivers
  • In-band software update staging and application
  • Units configurable individually or via groups
  • Standard MPEG TS format for output to downstream mux
  • Configurable payload rate for commands and updates
  • Integrated data carousel and packet protection guard against dropped messages

The Sencore In-Band Commander can be deployed as part of a system to control Sencore receiver/decoders in the field. The CMD 4000 control server can configure and update fielded units from a central location, saving an operator time and money spent on costly “truck rolls.”

The CMD-4000 connects to an outbound multiplexer via ASI. The unit generates a standard MPEG transport stream containing control data and carouselled update files, which the multiplexer injects into the outgoing TS to be received and processed by Sencore devices downstream.

The Commander can be driven by a human operator through an intuitive web interface, or connected directly to an existing, upstream NMS/EMS for automated command queueing.

The Commander applies a retransmission scheme and per-packet checksums to protect outgoing data, allowing deployed units to receive commands even in the presence of atmospheric interference or intermittent signalling issues.

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