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SpinetiX certifies Exterity DVB Gateway

SpinetiX Hyper Media Player now with Live TV playback

SpinetiX and DVC announce the certification of the Exterity TVGateway as a Live TV streaming solution for the Hyper Media Player (HMP100). TV channels, DVB-T or DVB-S can be transferred directly from the TVGateway to the SpinetiX HMP100 via IP network, making it available for live playback.
Thanks to the interoperation between the two products TV channels are streamed in high quality via the network directly to the HMP100 and allow to combine digital signage and product presentations with live events or news of weather reports.

The idaptor TVGateway captures broadcast television from digital satellite or terrestrial sources and distributes these over a building or campus network. In a small portable unit the idaptor TVGateway can deliver channels from 2 DVB transponder multiplexes. The idaptor TVGateway is available in 2 x DVB-T or 2 x DVB-S configurations.

The HMP100 is an ultra compact appliance and as a standalone playback device for digital signage content it replaces the PC. It can be installed directly behind the screens and offers unmatched reliability. The openness of the platform solution allows for straight forward integration with other state-of-the-art technologies.

SpinetiX is a Swiss hardware manufacturer for professional digital signage equipments.

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