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T-VIPS & Techex Provides SI Manager Solution to Arqiva for Digital Switchover

Arqiva chooses T-VIPS’ unique range of cProcessor products for Service Information adaptation of Digital TV multiplexes. The cP515 SI Manager combines SI modification and insertion with efficient Multiplex bandwidth utilization.

Oslo, Norway - T-VIPS, the world leader in IP video distribution and Service Information solutions, announces that its pioneering CP515 SI Manager has been chosen as the optimum solution for the cross carriage and insertion of Service Information for the UK DTT multiplexes facilitated by Arqiva. T-VIPS have commenced product delivery to Arqiva and the first deployment will be live in November, 2008.
Cross carriage of Service Information enables the on-screen Programme Guide to present the viewer with a single reference point for all listings. This unified presentation of information enhances the viewer experience and hides complexity. The T-VIPS solution enables Arqiva to efficiently implement cross carriage of listings data in accordance with the UK DMOL Service Information Manager specification. This ensures UK DTT viewers can easily find their desired programmes with a minimum of effort.

Service Information is well known for its uneven flow; this may lead to a waste of valuable Multiplex bandwidth. The T-VIPS solution employs a number of innovative methods for matching data delivery to viewer behaviour. The resulting Multiplex stream from a T-VIPS cP515 can minimise wasted bandwidth, improve viewer satisfaction and open up new broadcaster opportunities.

“The T-VIPS solution meets our application requirements, and offers flexibility to cover the range of operational modes desired by our customers. We look forward to working with T-VIPS to ensure that we continue to give our customers and UK TV viewers a world-leading DTT experience,” says Steve Holebrook, MD Terrestrial Media Solutions at Arqiva.

The T-VIPS CP515 SI Manager solution is specifically designed to provide regional adaptation of DTT services in support of UK digital switchover. A major advantage of this solution is its unique ability to remove expired event data and to insert SI data in any available packet position. This approach optimizes scarce bandwidth resources, enabling the launch of new services whilst at the same time ensuring that the user has an up-to-date programme guide.

“This important contract for specialist equipment to process Service Information for the UK multiplexes facilitated by Arqiva cements our position as the leader in DTT regionalisation solutions and maintains our position of market leadership in the critical areas of DTT signal processing and bit-rate management,” says Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS.

The T-VIPS cProcessor range
T-VIPS’ award winning cProcessor product range is designed to simplify the regional adaptation of video and audio services. The cProcessors manage PSI/SI insertion and adaptation, support single frequency network (SFN) operation, re-multiplexing at regional head-ends as well as monitoring down to component and service level. All T-VIPS cProcessor products are powerful, energy efficient, cost-effective and all can be managed remotely.

The T-VIPS product range has been designed to support all main PSI/SI data methodologies. Senior T-VIPS engineers have played a key role in the UK’s first generation DTT services and have since been instrumental in the roll out of DTT in a number of countries. The cProcessor range is the industry leader in providing products especially designed for the regional adaptation of SI data, efficient bit-rate management and MIP insertion for DTT services.


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