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TebasDVR - Video Archive Server

Techex is proud to announce the release of the turnkey TebasDVR Server, a multi-channel video archive server. TebasDVR has options to suport 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels per 3RU server and archive options between 1TB and 3TB.

Video is captured and encoded to H.264 main profile using a hardware DSP such that the host CPU can perform secondary processes such as concurrently encoding in MPEG-2. The 16 channel configuration can whilst recording all 16 channels in H.264 concurrently record up to 10 channels in MPEG-2.

TebasDVR supports composite PAL video and unbalanced audio RCA inputs.

TebasDVR supports the control of routing switchers via its RS232 or IP.

TebasDVR control is performed from a client application, which can be installed on remote windows based workstations or laptops. 5 client licenses are included with each server. From the client application administrators can access the recording scheduler and TebasDVR control channels, control the switching matrix, access recordings and edit the contents before outputting to a DVD or publishing to the TebasCMS content manager. 

TebasDVR can be configured with a redundant backup server which mirrors the primary server and elevates itself to primary in the event of a hardware failure.