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EDGE is a software cloud gateway designed to provide protection and monitoring for broadcast content between facilities, ingress to and egress from the cloud and between other software transformation processes.




  • Reliable fixed latency ARQ delivery over networks with both RIST and SRT
  • SMPTE 2022-7 seamless input with per path statistics
  • SRT RTP header passthrough allowing 1+1 paths followed by 2022-7 seamless protection
  • BISS-2 scrambling and descrambling with seamless odd/even key transition
  • Threshold based input redundancy with support passive or active backup sources
  • ETR290 Priority 1, Priority 2 & Priority 3
  • UDP and RTP output with packet pacing and launch delay offset​
  • Grafana native driver for correlated monitoring of all software components
  • Floating centralised license model with both OPEX and CAPEX options
  • Debugging tools - top talkers & PCAP
  • HLS input and output
  • Centralised control and monitoring capable of controlling and monitoring through firewalls and presenting a northbound REST control and monitoring API
  • High availability horizontally scalable cluster based control and monitoring capable of managing tens of thousands of EDGEs.
  • REST API with existing integrations with ATOS BNCS and Skyline Dataminer
  • Supports local, LDAP, SAML and Azure AD authentication

EDGE is a high-performance gateway designed to provide transport protection and monitoring for critical broadcast services. EDGE supports UDP, RTP, SRT, RIST, VTTP and HLS inputs and UDP, RTP, SRT, HLS VTTP and RIST outputs. EDGE supports 2022-7 input protection from both RTP and SRT inputs, dual 2022-7 output creation with independent path delay and threshold based input failover to both active and passive inputs. Each service passing through an EDGE is subject to a full ETR290 analysis and have a thumbnail extracted. EDGE can be deployed on bare metal, virtualised or as containers. EDGE Instances are monitored and controlled through by a CORE server. EDGE makes spawning hundreds of single-stream light-weight edgelets on demand seamlessly effortless.

Intuitive Interface

Quick and easy to deploy in the cloud, on a server or a PC, EDGE can be controlled individually using a web interface/API or centrally through Techex’s MWCore control platform for use in MCRs. Manage EDGE with a simple interface designed the to be as dynamic and user-centric as possible. With features such as real-time updates, analytics and powerful management tools you can manage many EDGE deployments from a single place. EDGE provides real-time information on all aspects of every stream such as: online state, IP errors, MPEG errors (ETR 290) network loss and more.

Detailed Monitoring

You can programatically create new streams, and add and edit new user accounts or edit streaming parameters. EDGE ensures latest BISS2 secure encryption and you benefit from a flexible permissions engine to allow administrators to define what actions a user can perform. Its optional deep integration with LDAP servers incorporates both users (with extensive filtering) and security groups for permissions.


Running on a lightweight and stable Linux platform, MWEdge is supplied as software (VM, Docker, linux install files) or as a pre-installed server licenced by total bandwidth for the unit i.e. ingress + egress. MWEdge input and output node connections are easily created between sites, are represented graphically and can be controlled centrally. When creating streams, threshold-based input redundancy is available with 3 different failover modes. MWEdge can take packet captures and can also tell you the ‘top talkers’ which is a function which shows you the unsolicited incoming traffic sorted by bandwidth use. Along with the detailed stats, this makes MWEdge great for fault-finding and as an engineering tool. Broadcasters and service providers use MWEdge to reliably deliver and receive content leveraging cheaper connectivity than otherwise possible.



Take in UDP/RTP/SRT/VTTP/HLS/2200-7 and control the transport stream with detailed statistics (missing/late/duplicate packets, bitrate...) through built-in ETR 290 monitoring. Define priority levels per source stream and failover types and triggers. Uniquely, EDGE maintains RTP integrity when using SRT, therefore SMPTE ST2022-7 seamless switching results in incredible resilience of packet loss in either path. Its optimised implementation of SRT can deliver 5Gbps per server for highly scalable, encrypted transport over various networks - ideal for the broadcast market.

EDGE is appreciated by Tier 1 broadcasters and broadcast rights-holders delivering high-value content in an auditable, secure and reliable manner. EDGE reduces the cost of video transport allowing broadcasters to boost the control and oversight they need. 


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