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"I have had the pleasure of working with Techex on several complex broadcast projects over a number of years. I have found them to be highly competent, a pleasure to work with, and always committed to delivering on their promises. In a world where over promising and under delivering is the norm, this is a breath of fresh air. When the going gets tough in a project as it inevitably does at some stage, Techex always pulls out the stops.", "job-title"=>"Arshad Rasul, Blue Octagon Ltd", "company"=>"Technology consultant to Comux UK"), array("quote"=>"Working with video over IP, it isn’t very long before you find yourself working with Techex. They are the Swiss Army knife you need in your toolbox.", "job-title"=>"Tony Munday", "company"=>"Sky"), array("quote"=>"Problem solved super fast, excellent help from Dominic.", "job-title"=>"Headend Support Engineer", "company"=>"BSkyB"), array("quote"=>"Support the way it should be.", "job-title"=>"Engineer", "company"=>"Sky News"), array("quote"=>"My Query was answered and resolved within minutes by Symeon Cutts. I cannot think of quicker Customer Service in a work or home environment! Well done Symeon!", "job-title"=>"Technical Manager", "company"=>"BBC"), array("quote"=>"Techex is a company up there with the best,not just because they are good but because they listen to customers,this is not a lip service comment but a statement of fact.", "job-title"=>"Senior Engineer", "company"=>"Moving Picture Company"), array("quote"=>"Good friendly response to my problem. Excellent service!", "job-title"=>"Chief Engineer", "company"=>"Technicolor"), array("quote"=>"Support was received very quickly and Joe explained everything he had done in order to restore functionality.", "job-title"=>"Director", "company"=>"PA Systems"), array("quote"=>"Symeon was great. Answered all the questions and fixed the problem very quickly!.", "job-title"=>"IT Manager", "company"=>"St Bartholomew's School"), array("quote"=>"Brilliant Support.", "job-title"=>"Senior IT Technician", "company"=>"RSA Academy"), array("quote"=>"Excellent service all round.", "job-title"=>"Owner", "company"=>"Jolly.tv"), array("quote"=>"Excellent support from Symeon Cutts, Dominic Foulkes and Jamie Cummins over a protracted period due to UK and US Holidays. Communication was always cleaolr, concise and timely.", "job-title"=>"Principal Systems Engineer", "company"=>"QinetiQ"), array("quote"=>"Symeon is technically proficient, persistent and kept me fully informed of progress. Couldn't have been better.", "job-title"=>"Senior Engineer", "company"=>"BAE"), array("quote"=>"We always receive excellent support from the team.", "job-title"=>"AV Manager", "company"=>"BP"), array("quote"=>"Damn you are good!", "job-title"=>"Sales Director", "company"=>"Kinovox"), array("quote"=>"All good - telephone and email conversations were detailed and helpful.", "job-title"=>"Solutions Architect", "company"=>"Red Bee Media"), array("quote"=>"The entire process from Ordering, Tracking, Delivery, Returns and Telephone conversations has been a very pleasant experience, and is an excellent example of how Technology and Human contact with the customer should work. Keep up the good work.", "job-title"=>"Technical Director", "company"=>"2tel"), array("quote"=>"Thank you so much guys, the advice and information and service you provided recently were all fantastic - the result being a highly successful webcast by one of our project partners. Great stuff!", "job-title"=>"Enterprise Development Champion", "company"=>"Sheffield Council") ); shuffle($quotes); echo ' '; foreach($quotes as $array) { echo ' '.$array['quote'].' '.$array['job-title'].' '.$array['company'].' '; } echo ' '; ?>