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Video Furnace Introduces Digital Set-top Box for Delivering Video to Network-connected TV Sets

Video Furnace, a provider of enterprise-class IP video solutions, has introduced a new low-cost digital set-top box for delivering video to network-connected television sets in the enterprise.

Used in conjunction with the Video Furnace IP video distribution system, corporations, educational institutions, financial services firms, government agencies and other organizations can convert TVs into IP-connected devices and deliver live, broadcast and on-demand TV-quality video to television sets on their networks.

"We developed the set-top box solution in response to customer demand for digital signage and internal communication applications. Companies of all sizes want the ability to stream video to their lobbies, conference rooms and other public viewing areas equipped with network-connected TVs," said Howard Weinzimmer, CEO of Video Furnace. "With Video Furnace, they can display company messages or stream 'state of the union' addresses. They can even simultaneously deliver multiple media types, such as slides and live video, at the same time with our picture-in-picture screen."

The Video Furnace IP video distribution system is a complete, highly scalable solution that leverages an organization's existing network to enable companies to securely and cost-effectively deliver live, broadcast and on-demand TV-quality video to any computer or TV connected to its network.

The Video Furnace system is the only fully integrated solution that supports all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris 10, and it is the only one that does not require any resident player software, browser plug-ins or hardware on the connected devices. An industry first, Video Furnace's patent-pending viewer, InStream, arrives with the video stream and disappears when viewing ends, eliminating the need to install or manage end-user software.
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